Choose your Deruta Ceramic Centerpiece, hand-made and painted. Color and style to the furnishings of your kitchen and your table with our design proposals.

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  • Animals and Vegetbles...

    Animals and Vegetbles Tureens


    Tureens animals and vegetables in ceramic, from our Deruta Showroom. Modeled and painted by hand to give a touch of originality in your furnishings for table and kitchen.

  • Luxury Centerpieces...

    Centerpieces and Fruit Bowls Luxury


    Centerpiece and fruit bowl in ceramic. Discover our luxury Deruta collection for an elegant and precious table. Give yourself a furniture of excellence for your kitchen.

  • Risers



    From our Showroom, riser centerpiece Deruta ceramic. Hand -made and painted to give your furniture a touch of tradition Made in Italy, according to your design style.

  • Trays



    Trays in ceramic Deruta, made and hand painted. Customize your furnishings with our own tray and bring at your table an excellence Made in Italy.

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