Visit to Ceramic Production

“Ceramiche Torretti” Factory opens its lab doors to everyone>, adults and kids, in order to spread the ceramic culture to the discovery of the craft production cycle respecting the ancient traditions. The cultural importance of craftsmanship, traditions and habits of the past are presented to the visitor in their essence and simplicity.

Visit program

  • Reception and welcome
  • Brief excursus on the history of the Deruta ceramic district
  • Illustration of the Production Cycle Phases with multimedia support
  • Ceramic Show: Master at work
  • Shopping Tour within Souvenir Departments, Outlets and Showroom: over 2000 square meters rich in colorful ceramics!

Recommended for: Families – Groups of Tourists who are visiting Umbria – Adults and Kids – School Trips– Education Trips – Friends Groups – Bachelor Party – Hen Party – Birthdays and other events to be celebrated - Slow Tourism – Art Therapy

An idea for an out of the ordinary experience to savor a context rich in creativity, history, tradition and get in touch with simple and natural elements such as clay, leaving the frenetic routine and immersing yourself in a unique, fun and relaxing atmosphere, getting in contact with yourself and your own energy . An adventure that will be unforgettable!

Duration: about 40 minuts

Price: Contact us to know prices and organizational methods for reservations.

Visit to Ceramic Production
Visit to Ceramic Production