Ceramic courses – Ceramist for the first time


Courses can be personalized and programmed following requests of the visitor choosing between the various manipulative and creative activities.


Ceramic Courses

“Basic Level Courses”for those who, for the first time, get in contact with specific materials and tools.


“Advanced Courses”for those who already have experience with ceramists and wish deepen the techniques of creation.


Creative Activities

During the course the participants will be introduced to the entire production process of the Deruta ceramics: all the processing phases, from the manipulation to the lathe to the obtaining of the finished object passing through the various cooking required.

Our proposal focuses on the following phases of greater artistic value:

Manipulation of clay – Shaping at the lathe

Lathe 4

At our educational workshop, with the support of our Ceramists and Masters and Support staff, you can model the clay with your own hands and realize traditional objects: jars, bowls, little bowls ...It will also be possible to deepen the technical aspects of artistic modeling by testing the finish of the modeled object and the application of handles and feet on the artefacts thanks to the fresh clay.


Ceramic decoration

 Painting 3

You will be able to experiment with the basic techniques of artistic decoration, realizing the
own object ... unique and unrepeatable, reproducing the typical Deruta decorations or
maybe creating a specific theme object using brushes, colors and imagination!

Prices and methods

Courses are packages to be built according to your preferences. Will be provided all the necessary materials and tools, the objects to paint and aprons to protect clothing. The objects created can then be cooked and shipped to your home (personalized quotation and on request).

Contact us for information on prices and methods.