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An Art Space that tells the skills and talent of our professionals. Unique pieces Deruta of excellence, made and hand painted. Choose yours and become a collector of a piece of history.

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  • Reinassance Collection

    Reinassance Collection


    Choose a piece of our Deruta Ceramic Renaissance Collection, made and hand-painted. Collect a unique piece of history, tradition and Art.

  • Venetian Grotesques...

    Venetian Grotesques Collection


    Treat yourself to the Art with a unique piece of our collection Grotesque Venetian ceramic Deruta. Give yourself an experience of excellence and tradition hand-painted.

  • Excellences for...

    Excellences for Collections


    Directly from our Deruta Showroom there are so many unique pieces and excellence in ceramic collections. Make yourself custodian of a piece of Art, tradition and charm hand-painted.

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