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If you are looking for a unique, classic, delicious, helpful, gorgeous, personalized bonbonnieres with initials sealing a promise of love or dates that recall a special day ... you're in the right website! And if you want, you can also rely us the packaging service!

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  • BAPTISM,...

    Baptism, Communion and Confirmation


    Ceramic bonbonnieres hand-made and painted. Choose your bonbonniere Deruta. A unique souvenir for Baptism, Communion and Confirmation. Choose your shape and your favorite decor.




    Wedding bonbonnieres in ceramic Deruta hand-made and painted. Choose the bonbonniere for your promise of love, with quality and elegance. Add a touch of style to your wedding theme.




    Remember your special day with a bonbonniere in ceramic Deruta. hand-made and painted bonbonnieres for your degree. Many shapes and decorations to crown the realization of your dream.


    Golden Wedding


    Golden Wedding - celebrates a long journey of love together with our bonbonnieres in ceramic Deruta hand-made and painted. Impress friends and family with shapes and elegant designs and exclusive.




    Trust us for the packaging of your bonbonnieres. Boxes, ribbons and confetti for your bonbonniere in ceramic Deruta hand-made and painted. We will think of everything to enhance the presentation.

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