Many ceramic accessories Deruta from our Showroom. Hand made and painted with non-toxic materials and colors to ensure quality and safety in line with your design.

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  • Ceramic Serving Set

    Serving Set


    Serving set Deruta ceramic. Choose the quality, the tradition and the excellence for the furnishing of your table, and revitalize your design with safe colors and materials.

  • Kitchen Jars

    Kitchen Jars


    Keep coffee, sugar, herbal teas, pepper, salt and spices on our Deruta ceramic jars. Decorate your kitchen with a jar of your style.

  • Cookies Jars

    Cookies Jars


    Preserve and offer your cookies on a ceramic cookie jar Deruta. Materials and colors are safe, forged and hand painted. Discover our cookie jars Made in Italy.

  • Baking Tins

    Pie Plate


    Pie Plate in ceramic Deruta hand-made and painted to enhance the taste and presentation of your sweet. Choose the quality of the hand-made and painted with safe materials and colors.

  • Oil&Vinegar / Salt&Pepper

    Oil&Vinegar / Salt&Pepper


    Decorate your table with our Oil & Vinegar Salt & Pepper in ceramic Deruta, handmade and painted. Choose your style and create it with details ... of quality.

  • Cheese Bowls

    Cheese Bowls


    Give your table a detail of excellence. Choose a cheese bowl in Deruta Ceramic to add style and quality to your kitchen, hand-made and painted.

  • Glasses - Mugs

    Glasses - Mugs


    Glasses and mug in Deruta pottery, hand-made and painted with non-toxic materials. Choose a glass with your design and your breaks will have another taste.

  • Hors d'Oeuvre

    Hors d'Oeuvre


    Awaken your guests with a Deruta ceramic hors d'oeuvre. Hors d'oeuvre hand-made and painted where the food will be better and safer.

  • Trays

    Serving Trays


    Serving Tray ceramic Deruta. Style your own table furniture with the design you like. Choose your tray handmade and painted with non-toxic colors.

  • Coffee, Milk and Sugar...

    Coffee, Milk and Sugar Sets - Tea - Herbal Tea


    Coffee set - milk and sugar - tea and herbal tea in ceramic Deruta. Your collection and your breaks will have another taste ... in total safety.

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