Tired of the usual furniture? Add a touch of color with our Deruta Ceramics Made in Italy for half price. Choose your mix of design, tradition, quality for any interior, classic or modern.

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  • Umbrella Stands

    Umbrellas Stand


    Tidy up your umbrella with the Deruta ceramic umbrellas stand. Choose your style of furnishing and design and put quality in the home at half price.

  • Cachepot for Plants

    Cachepot - Flowers Holder


    Every flower and every plant deserves its ceramic cradle. Ceramic Cachepot plants holder Deruta at half price. Choose your high quality furnishing style.

  • Cruses



    Ceramic Cruses Deruta Made in Italy at half price. Choose the cruse for your home furnishing. The style is up to you, we guarantee the quality of hand-made.

  • Vases



    Vases and jars for your home furniture with the color of our Deruta ceramics at half price. Add freshness to design, with the style of vase you choose.

  • Poutiche



    Ceramic Poutiche Deruta at half price. Give color with our proposals from elegant and functional furnishing design. Get a touch of style with handmade.

  • Wall Plates

    Wall Plates


    The walls furniture is not a simple detail. Choose your plate or plates to hang and surround yourself with art, Deruta tradition, or modern design ... at half price.

  • Hand Washing Tris

    Hand Washing Tris


    Tris Deruta ceramic Hand washing at half price. Certain shapes are passed down from generation to generation. Today you can choose your classic or modern Hand washing tris, in line with your furnishings.

  • Ashtrays



    For those who need an ashtray when giving a break, we offer the quality of the handmade Deruta with the design you want. Choose your ashtray at half price.

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