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Table and kitchen are the highest expression of human conviviality and warmth. Crowns everything with the colors, the quality and the half price of Deruta Ceramic, in line with your furnishing style.

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  • Accessories



    Accessories for your table and kitchen, in Deruta ceramic. Choose your hand made and painted accessory from many types, shapes and decorations. And buy your design piece at half price.

  • Hors d'Oeuvre

    Hors d'Oeuvre


    Aperitif and cold dinner are now our practice. Amaze your friends with our half-price Deruta Hors D'oeuvre, and bring home a quality hors d'oeuvre in line with your furniture.

  • Kitchen Jars

    Kitchen Jars


    Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Chocolates .. make order in your kitchen with our pottery jars Deruta at half price. Choose your jar and combine it to your furniture.

  • Cookies Jars

    Cookie Jars


    Biscuits are great for young and old. Amaze everyone by keeping and offering them in our Deruta ceramic cookie jar. Choose your cookie jar ... Quality, style and color are guaranteed.

  • Fruit Bowls and...

    Fruit Bowls and Centrepiece


    Add color to the decor of the table with our fruit bowls and centrepiece ceramic Deruta. The best of Made in Italy made and hand-painted, at half price.

  • Oil and Wine Cruses

    Oil and Wine Cruses


    PGenuine products, such as oil and wine, deserve to be contained in cruets made and hand painted. Choose your ceramic cruse Deruta Made in Italy, at half price.

  • Table Sets

    Table Set


    Color and give a touch of style with our table set ceramic Deruta. Eat in total safety on our tableware. Choose your design and save with the half price ... but with full quality.

  • Spoon Rests

    Spoon Rests


    If you do not know where to place the cutlery while cooking, choose a Deruta ceramic spoon rest. Discover many decorations and colors, and choose your spoon rest at half price.

  • Coffe Set, Milk and...

    Coffe Set, Milk and Sugar - Tea - Herbal Tea


    Color and warm your moments of break with our coffee, milk and sugar sets, teas and herbal teas ceramic Deruta Made in Italy. Half price but guaranteed quality.

  • Trays and Candy Boxes

    Trays and Candy Boxes


    Trays and cnady boxes in Deruta ceramics to offer sweets and chocolates ... and more: trays for the table to fill your home with style.

  • Stoppers



    Many stoppers ceramic Deruta and cork. Made and hand painted but half price. Choose your stopper Made in Italy to adorn the bottles of oil and wine.

  • Pitchers

    Pitchers and Jugs


    Ceramic Pitchers and Jugs Deruta Made in Italy. Discover the quality of the made and hand painted and take advantage of the half price. Choose your style: rustic, classic or modern?

  • Oil&Vinegar

    Oil & Vinegar


    Why don’t give a touch of style to the table? Bottles for oil and vinegar ceramic Deruta, oil and vinegar cruets Made in Italy, at half price. Choose your design and combine it to furnishing of the table.

  • Salt&Pepper

    Salt & Pepper


    Why don’t give a touch of style to the table? Ceramic salt and ceramic containers Deruta Made in Italy, at half price. Choose your design and combine it to furnishing of the table.

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