Animal Friends


"The ability of our modelers combined with the love we care about animals creates adorable creations"

Here you will find all the exemplars of the fantastic animal world but ... in ceramic!

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  • DOGS



    Ceramic dogs forged and hand-painted by our artists. Chhose your dog. Many shapes, races and expressions. Decorate your room with your faithful friend.

  • CATS



    Ceramic cats forged and hand painted with the skill of our artists. Choose your puppy and decorate your home with the warmth of your cat ... in ceramic.


    Sea Animals


    Ceramic sea animals, modeled and hand painted. Many exemplars of marine life, many shapes and colors to decorate your room. The freshness of the sea ... in ceramic.




    Butterflies in ceramic Deruta, made and hand-painted. Choose your butterfly among many colors, shapes and sizes. Furnish your room with color, joy and elegance.

  • FARM



    The animal farm ... in ceramic. Choose your animal, made and hand painted. Decorate with quality and let yourself be surrounded by the man's best friends.

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