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Since 1950, the Maioliche Artistiche Torretti operates in the ceramics sector in the famous town of Deruta. 

Founded by Carlo Torretti in 1950, the company, operating a fair market policy, has progressively developed and has established itself both in Italy and abroad. The work of the founder Carlo Torretti and his wife Giuseppa is carried out successfully by his son Giuseppe, his wife Annalisa and their daughters Marta and Daria. 

On an exhibition area of about 2000 square meters you can admire all the reproductions of the types of majolica produced, for centuries, in Deruta. 

The district of Deruta, the "capital" of Italian majolica, is distinguished on a regional level and on a national scale as the most important ceramic center for the number of companies. 

What links today's Deruta to that of the past can be identified in a recipe of simple elements like earth, water, fire and above all the human hand

Our company has always been proposing and producing objects that are the result of meticulous care and dedication: nothing is left to chance in all the phases that lead to obtaining the finished object, our strict quality controls guarantee the excellence of the Deruta in its maximum artistic expressions. 

The favorable location along the former Via Tiberina, today SS E / 45, the main artery of communication, at the exit for Deruta Sud, allows direct contact with an audience that changes and renews daily and thanks to which also Ceramiche Torretti has known to renew itself by making the classicity of ancient traditions accessible to the modern client: reinventing and adapting our creativity is possible through an Internal Creation Division that studies and offers even the most demanding customer the desired combination solution between classic and modern.

The consensus that customers express is the basis of the enthusiasm with which the company works, making use of highly qualified and specialized internal and external staff.

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What distinguishes us? Our strengths: the craftsmanship, our tradition and ceramic culture, the high quality and uniqueness of the products, the continuous research towards innovation, the flexibility in customizing your requests.

In fact, the staff is always available to accommodate the personalized requests of the customers creating for them unique pieces on commission. 

Visiting our Showrooms in Deruta, on an area of 2000 square meters, you will find: Customized Productions on Ceramics - Wedding Bonbonnieres and Lists - Home Furnishings - Artistic Furniture - Unique Pieces - Fine Garden Tables - Souvenirs - Terracotta - Outlet of Permanent Ceramics - Recurring Periodic Promotions. 

The wide range of items, both classic and particular, can be considered a prestigious showcase of local craftsmanship in all its forms and a strong expression of "Made in Italy". 

Today we share our work proposing Guided Tours to the processing and Educational Labs for children and adults, to spread our ceramic culture, to know how to lead raw clay to become art and to discover a profession to many unknown ... an Art that doesn’t change.